Bio-Med s.r.l.



BIOMED S.r.l. is a distribution company that has been engaged in the sale of instrumentation and reagents for medical and veterinary laboratory analysis for over 35 years. Management, through the drafting of the Quality Policy, confirms its commitment to the distribution of increasingly innovative and cutting-edge products, confirming its leadership, in order to improve its competitiveness the satisfaction of our customers.

In order to keep faith with its commitments, the company has decided to implement an internal Quality Management System compliant with the international standards UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 13485 and subject to the judgment of the Certification Body RINA S.p.A..

To achieve these results, BIOMED S.r.l. adopts a Quality Management System that is based on the following fundamental elements:

  • pursuit of continuous improvement through the establishment and implementation of specific goals and programs;

  • corporate communication of policy, objectives, programs and performance, through the organization of meetings with staff;

  • adaptation to the context with a focus on the needs of all relevant stakeholders;

  • Determination of actions to address risks and opportunities

  • involvement and awareness of all staff to spread a culture of responsibility, promotion and participation;

  • allocation of adequate resources for the proper functioning of the quality management system and adoption of management tools such as: monitoring of performance indexes, conducting inspections (internal audits), identification of corrective/preventive actions and carrying out reviews by the Management;

  • involvement of suppliers, in order to ensure a better understanding of the Organization's needs and offer an efficient and effective service, within the framework of a correct value for money.

In this context, the Quality Manual represents a fundamental element in corporate strategies, because it sets out the company's objectives and contains a description of the processes, procedures and means to achieve them.

The Management requires all Personnel to guide these principles in their daily work.