A groundbreaking study conducted by a University of North Carolina ( UNC ) research team has provided compelling evidence to support the adoption of PixCell Medical's Point-of-Care as the primary choice for psychiatric patient monitoring in the context of Clozapine therapy. The research, which evaluated three tools for comprehensive CBC analysis, identified HemoScreen as the optimal solution for Clozapine treatment management.

Clozapine has emerged as an effective antipsychotic drug for treatment-resistant schizophrenia. However, it is significantly underused mainly because of the risk of developing agranulocytosis and the need for frequent monitoring of absolute neutrophil count (ANC).
In an effort to find a clinically viable and easy-to-use CBC analyzer for frequent near-patient testing, the UNC research team evaluated three analyzers: Sight OLO, PixCell HemoScreen and Sysmex pocH-100i, comparing them with ADVIA 2120i and manual differential methods.

HemoScreen showed remarkable accuracy, outperforming other instruments and demonstrating exceptional accuracy. In particular, HemoScreen was the best in terms of clinical concordance, achieving a rate of 89.5% at medical decision-making thresholds for ANC, outperforming other POC devices. This makes HemoScreen the most reliable choice.

Dr. Yaara Ben Yosef , head of clinical trials at PixCell Medical, pointed out; "This research demonstrates that HemoScreen is the best choice for monitoring patients on Clozapine therapy. HemoScreen's high clinical concordance and exceptional accuracy make it an indispensable tool for healthcare providers in managing the potential risks associated with Clozapine treatment."

In addition, HemoScreen's ability to use blood samples via acupuncture (direct capillary sampling) offers a significant advantage, especially for psychiatric patients who require weekly or monthly blood counts as part of Clozapine treatment management. The extremely simple blood collection method and minimal discomfort of HemoScreen's simple sampling procedure with results on site near the patient offer substantial advantages in terms of treatment adherence and positive outcomes.

This groundbreaking research confirms PixCell Medical's HemoScreen as the gold standard for complete blood count analysis in clozapine therapy. Healthcare providers can rely on HemoScreen to ensure the safety and efficacy of Clozapine treatment for patients with treatment-resistant schizophrenia.

Link: https://www.prnewswire.com/il/news-releases/research-team-at-unc-validates-pixcell-medicals-hemoscreen-as-game-changer-for-clozapine-monitoring-in-psychiatry-302000686.html