The emergency room is a fundamental pillar of the health care system, for example, with more than 17 million accesses annually in Italy, it represents a huge figure in relation to all health care services. Of these, about 43% require a complete blood count (CBC) test, making it the most frequent and crucial test.

However, reliance on traditional laboratories increases waiting times, overloading already overburdened staff and facilities. This not only prolongs the length of stay (LOS) of patients, but can also lead to premature discharge.

Here's where it comes in HemoScreen. This innovative POCT blood testing device from capillary blood is the solution. With HemoScreen, CBC testing can be performed on site by any staff member, when and where it is needed, dramatically reducing wait times.

Imagine cutting up to 11.2 hours from daily wait times. This introduces a significant improvement in both the quality and efficiency of ER operations. The introduction of HemoScreen not only speeds up the diagnostic process, but also improves the quality of patient care, ensuring timely treatment and reducing the risk of premature discharge.


HemoScreen™ leverages PixCell Medical's artificial intelligence-assisted viscoelastic focusing (VEF) technology to perform laboratory analysis on a sample consisting of a single drop of blood, which passes through a unique automated cartridge (lab-on-a-cartridge). It is extremely easy to use, requires no maintenance or calibration, and is completely portable