On Thursday, November 16, in Paris, Dr. Zhou Songyang, founder of Pluslife, together with CEO Chong Chen, attended the Union World Conference on Lung Health.

The 2023 theme, 'Turning Evidence into Practice,' reflects the urgency of implementing scientific research into effective health policies, especially for the most vulnerable.

During the conference, Pluslife's MTB test, a novelty in the field of tuberculosis (TB) diagnostics, was introduced. Unlike traditional methods, this test uses a lingual swab, making it more accessible and less invasive with results available in as little as 30 minutes.

Pluslife's MTB test has high clinical sensitivity and specificity and promises to be a rapid, accurate, and cost-effective method for diagnosing and managing the potentially positive and infectious patient, 

Pluslife is committed to improving the accessibility of TB testing, aiming to bridge the gap between growing demand for testing and limited supply. With an innovative approach, the company hopes to reduce the global impact of TB.

Biomed Srl as the Exclusive Distributor of Pluslife products for Italy and Switzerland is pleased to collaborate and actively participate in the development of such an innovative technology.


LInk: https://www.pluslife.com/news/55.html